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Domestic air conditioning is the single largest consumer of power, and by switching to solar you can massively reduce your energy consumption. At Cola Solar, we have the world's most efficient solar air conditioner units, resulting in much lower costs and a much lesser impact on the environment!

4 Reasons to GO GREEN for your air conditioning

Slash your electricity costs by up to 80%
The advanced technology our systems have utilise a solar thermal panel and ozone safe R290 refrigerant...reducing the compressor run time by up to 80% and drastically reducing your power bills!

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Our solar air conditioners do not use ozone depleting refrigerant to provide their cooling effect and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by as much as 45 tonnes over 5 years!

It will pay for itself in as little as 2 years
With up to 80% reduction in power usage, our split system units can save up to $1504 per year in running costs (for a 7.2kW system).

Heats and Cools Using Ozone Safe Refrigerant
Our systems exclusively use R290 refrigerant as opposed to harmful hydro-fluorocarbons such as R410a, which is not only safer but increases efficiency by a further 30%.

Our Solar Air Conditioner Units

We only sell the leading solar air conditioning systems in Australia, which utilise world class technology and features. Not only does this signifantly bring down your heating and cooling costs, it has a much better impact on the environment.


A solar air conditioning system can save you up to 80% compared to a conventional system. Direct sunlight is not required and the system can operate for up to 15 hours over night after only 4 hours exposure to daylight!

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